Hair covers virtually every single part of the body, there is hair so thick that you cannot even see the skin underneath, and there is hair so thin they are invisible. The hair all over our body caused by Keratin, a protein produced in the follicles on the outer layer of the skin. Hair is produced by the follicles by pushing through old cells; hair grows at an average rate of six inches per year. These dead keratin cells make up the strings we see as hair and an average adult has between 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair. The hair on our heads and our body are growing at least 90% of the time and each follicle has a unique lifecycle that is influenced by factors such as age, sex, genes, and diseases.

Hair follicles have a mind of their own and doctors are still unsure of why these follicles differ in behavior and lifecycle. Hair loss occurs when these follicles are affected by one or more factors that cause these follicles behave similarly to each other. The common factors are genes, drugs, autoimmune disease, stress, illness, just to name a few.

Hair Problems

We have talked about the factors that contribute to hair loss; let us talk about the two most common struggle that almost everyone know when it comes to hair loss. Alopecia and male pattern baldness, read their descriptions below:

  • Alopecia
    • This is an example of a condition where the autoimmune disorder attacks the hair follicle by mistake stopping hair growth. Experts are at a loss as to this occurrence, but the good thing about is that the damage to the follicle is not permanent. Everyone can be afflicted by this condition, but it is normally seen with those who are between 20 to 40 years of age.
    • When this condition hits, you will first see a bunch of hair fall out leaving you with an unusual bald spot. Unlike other hair loss condition, Alopecia is very noticeable since you lose patches of hair where other parts have thicker growth. The patches get covered with hair growth in a few months, but due to the damage, in some cases it grow out white due to the damage in the follicles.
  • Male pattern baldness
    • This is characterized the thinning of the hair on the man’s crown and a receding hairline. It is quite obvious in men who suffer from this condition because it follows a usual pattern. It is said to be related to genes and the male sex hormone which gives it the name. The pattern usually starts with the shrinking of the hair follicle that results to shorter thinner hair. This condition has been found to be connected to the male hormone called androgens which is responsible for hair growth.
    • It has been said that one factor affecting male pattern baldness is genetics. If you have family members who are suffering from this condition, highly likely, you will go through the same exact thing. Doctors use the pattern in the male pattern baldness to diagnose the situation. It usually starts as a receding hairline that creates an “M” pattern which continues to become a “U” pattern.

Wowo Pure Ginger Hair Shampoo

Since hair is a major factor in our appearance, those who are afflicted with any of the hair loss concerns feel insecure. More often than not, they feel unattractive, and in some cases, may even cause depression and other psychological concerns. Some treatment to get that luster your crowning glory has lost usually ranges from over-the-counter ointments and shampoos to professional assistance and medical interventions. For those who are in this situation, you no longer need to go very far and spend too much on a solution; all you have to do is wash your hair like how you always do. Here’s how:

  • The solution
    • Wowo Ginger Shampoo is a product of a professional research from a hairdressing center. It has combined traditional Chinese theories and advanced biotechnology and came out with a new generation of health products that is ecological and very easy to use.
    • WoWo Pure Ginger Shampoo reduces and curbs hair loss by promoting blood circulation to the scalp which is very effective in dispelling contaminants and protecting the area. It functions to activate the hair follicles that provide a suitable environment for hair to grow again. The shampoo relieves the scalp from excess oil that constricts the hair growth and causes itching and hyperplasia.
    • Wowo Ginger Shampoo will repair hair that has been damaged by illness or genetic condition resulting to a suppler and soft lock. It is also an effective sun block that will protect your scalp from further damage when you go outdoors.
  • The Ingredients
    • The Wowo shampoo contains 100% ginger extract. The shampoo has no artificial additives and is organic which makes it very safe to be used by everyone. This concoction has more than 20 years of experience in battling hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Having post pregnancy hair loss problem? Are you having balding issues? Look no further. Wowo pure ginger hair shampoo is proven to have you solve all these problem. Take a look at our product page for WoWo Pure Ginger Shampoo.

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