WoWo Hair Essential Oil


100ml, pure natural oil

  1. Rapidly repairs dry and damaged hair, give silky and soft touch
  2. Strengthening and preventing split ends of the hair from the external, hydrates and moisturizes
  3. Act as a Sun protector to protect our hair from UV Rays.- With coco Chanel fragrance

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Main Ingredients 

  1. Rose oil from Europe- using rose oil for hair to keep the hair moisture and prevent from dehydration
  2. Olive oil- effectively bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy looking & shinny
  3. Juniperus communis oil- is a valuable tonic for the hair and scalp it helps in promoting hair growth and improve the texture of the hair
  4. Citrus Skin oil- contains great benefits for the kidneys, reducing cellulite retaining skin elasticity and provide antiseptic goodness for scalp


  1. Rapidly repairs dry and damaged hair
  2. Improve split ends
  3. Strengthen hair follicles
  4. Coco Chanel fragrance
  5. Acts as an UV protection

How to use?

  1. Before blow dry you hair, apply WoWo Hair Essential Oil on your end.
  2. Once your hair is dry, you can use a pump of hair oil to finish styling your hair. They can tame any fine flyaways and give your style that final polish.


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