WoWo Skin Brightening Serum


Suitable for all skin types especially dry skin

High moisturising, deep repair, anti-aging, whitening and firming

Most important and intensive skincare

Ingredients: Water, Tea Polyphenols(CAMELLIA SINENSIS), jojoba oil,(PORTULACA OLERACEA) extract & vitamin E.

** When skin produces too much oil, its a warning signal that the skin is actually lack of moisture and is very dehydrated.

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Main ingredients
Tea Polyphenols
– Benefit body and health
– Can be found in many health products
– Detox, anti-radiation, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory
– promotes body’s absorption of vitamin C
– Inhibits melanin formation (pigmentation)
– Reduce ultra-violet radiation, protect against UV rays

Snail Essence Extract
– High-end ingredient found in many cosmetics
– Rich in natural collagen, elastin, proteins and large variety of vitamins
– Natural anti-bacteria agent, promote skin metabolism, repair and restore skin supple level
– highly moisturising, anti-wrinkles, anti-acne
– long term usage promotes smooth and translucent skin, prevent dullness
– effectively reduce scars and helps in wound healing
– simulates cells regeneration, reduces fine lines

Portulaca Oleracea
– known as a longevity chinese herb
– high moisturising effect
– anti-inflammation, anti-allegic , suitable for sensitive skin
– Can be found in high end skin products

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